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As I enter the twilight of my career, I have come to appreciate the meaning of the word. Freedom to any working person means combining time with money. You can’t be truly free if you have only time or money. Click here to learn how to have BOTH!

I am a father of three grown children and a practicing physician with a specialty in Critical Care, Pulmonary medicine, and sleep medicine. During my 25 + years in practice, I have always traded time for money – I earn a comfortable income, but I work long hours leaving me with little free time for leisure. If I shortened my workday, then I was unable to afford recreational activities. In trying to find a balance between having disposable income and the time to spend it, I have explored both multi-level marketing businesses and trading stocks. The former required the same amount of time as my medical practice to grow, while the later did not provide enough income to replace my primary income means.

My search has led me to the Cash Tracking System. Their system has afforded me the ability to add extra income without significantly increasing my time commitment. The Cash Tracking System sets up your internet presence, trains you in networking, sets up your office and offers a team of other members that can support you as you grow this opportunity. I encourage you to at least look at how the system works by filling out the details on my landing page and watching a short explanatory video. After that I will be happy to answer any questions you may have as well as provide access to more team members!

For you to be on my site, you have similar concerns and/or desires regarding earning additional income. The informational videos are free, and what you find may change your life. I encourage you to be bold and chase your dreams!!!!